About Us

Town Crest


The Municipal Crest displays significant symbols for the Town of Glovertown. It signifies how the community was built by hard-working people, and represents our focus on a high set of standards for our community.

The cross signifies the strong Christian beliefs of the town’s people; enforcement, education and justice are found on the cross. These are considered the most important aspects of our community development.

The top portion of the shield depicts some of the area’s rich history with a sheltered cove, a Beothuck canoe, the ocean and a European ship. The golden arrow represents progress and development and ties the shield to the provincial flag. The potato plant refers to agriculture of the early settlers. Local flora and fauna are represented, with the beaver symbolizing the town’s ties to Canada. The wavy lines represent the sea.

The municipal crest also graces our municipal flag, adopted in 2004.