Town of Glovertown Publications

Town of Glovertown - Municipal Plan 2010-2020

Completed in February 2012, the Town's Municipal Plan establishes guidelines for sustainable management of development in the community through a ten-year land use strategy. It has created a policy framework for zoning and regulations and will guide the physical improvement and sustainable growth of Glovertown.

Glovertown Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP)

This document is a complement to the Municipal Plan. The Glovertown ICSP is a strategic plan dealing with long-term community sustainability; it is a record of the Town's sustainability vision, goals and actions for the next ten years. The ICSP will help the Town of Glovertown to realize its environmental, economic, social, cultural, and governance sustainability objectives.

Town of Glovertown Development Regulations 2010-2020

Land Use Zoning, Subdivision, and Advertisement Regulations.

Town of Glovertown - Roads Standards (updated May 29, 2013)

Town of Glovertown - Future Land Use Map