Glovertown Centre Plan

Glovertown Centre Plan


The Glovertown Centre Plan developed by CBCL Limited was presented to the community on October 22nd, 2014 to an audience of thirty stakeholders and residents of Glovertown.

The vision for the Glovertown Centre Plan is:

"To grow the Town Centre into a complete and attractive neighbourhood that offers shops and services, jobs and homes, schools and museums, natural open space and recreational facilities, and more... all within a twenty minute walk of one another."

The project has been successful in developing concepts and themes for the development of a stretch of Station Road-Main Street South that starts at the Town Hall and continues to the Glovertown Marina Facility. The plan seeks to integrate assets located off of Main Street, including businesses, recreation facilities, and cultural installations. Improvements to the user experience is a cornerstone of the plan, seeking vehicle circulation improvements, creating new green spaces, and improve the pedestrian realm.